You haven’t even left the country yet and I already miss you to death.

Trust is letting your best friend (and dad) shave your head. ✂️

I don’t want to sober up I don’t want to sober up I don’t want to sober up.

"If my legs are no more, is there any way to get back to you?" 🎶🎶 (at From Indian Lakes)

The Grand Budapest & coffee. 🏢☕️ (at Alta Coffee Warehouse)
Freaks of nature.
Sorry for all the selfies, it’s just been a long time since I’ve felt ok with myself. (at Urban Outfitters)
The 1975? (at IKEA)
Forever looking pissed in photos, oh well. (at Ink and Bean)
Dang. (at Healthy Junk)
Make up game strong thanks to @katelyndanelle. (at The Lorenzo)
Breathe Carolina pool party. (at The Lorenzo)
Late night Urth trip. (at Urth Caffé)
Staying the night in the city. (at Renaissance Towers)